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Car-less in Singapore with Kids

Little Black Car

I have 3 monkeys to call my own. We made the decision to say goodbye to our Little Black Car last June. Since then, I have been asked the same questions by so many people:

  • Is it cheaper without a car?
  • How do you do it with 3 kids? (Often accompanied with some exclamation)
  • Do you miss having a car?

So I decided to blog about it and help others out there with the same questions understand our experience of being car-less for over a year. Let me answer the above questions one at a time. 😉

For your information, this blog post is targeted at people who can probably afford a car, but may be thinking of not owning one, due to the rising costs, limited resources, and desire to channel these resources elsewhere (aka kids and maybe shopping 😜).

Is it cheaper without a car?

Of course! We bought our Little Black Car 11 years ago at $50k. It had a running cost of approximately $12k a year. To purchase a new or secondhand car now, would mean a higher running cost (higher COE, costlier parking, servicing, repairs and sometimes, traffic and parking fines 🙈). According to my financial controller (aka husband), we would be looking at at least $15k a year.

Since we said our goodbyes, we spent less than $500 a month on public transport (including cabs) for all of us.  E is on school bus at $135 per month. Some information on our lifestyle: During weekdays, husband and I would take a bus or train most of the time, as kids are in school (E in primary school and Z and M in childcare). During weekends, we take cabs as and when we feel like it. We are quite liberal with our cabbing habits.

Having schools that are within walking distance or a short bus ride helps too. The childcare that Z and M goes to are walking distance to our home. This means that we do not have to spend on school busses. If you’re looking to buy a new place and going car-less, remember to look out for schools within the area before committing!

I think it is quite obvious that it never makes financial sense to own a car, especially in Singapore. I often call our Little Black Car a money sucking machine.

How do you do it with 3 kids?

To be honest, I was quite uncertain at the start about going car-less. But aren’t we all, with all types of new experiences? After trying it out for a year with 3 kids in tow,  I can safely say that it is really not that painful.

As mentioned before, on school going days, it is quite straightforward. Primary schooler travels to and from school by school bus. Preschoolers walk to school with me at 9am. I used to drive them to school when we had the car and I do appreciate the walks to and from school now. I get to chat with them, kiss them while they’re walking, stop to see caterpillars and snails doing their thing, and much more. I spend many walks laughing at Z teaching M how to jump and Z looking for Ninja Turtles in the drains. 😂

What's in there?

 Maybe those turtles would jump out soon…

We keep enrichment classes to our area too. This reduces a lot of traveling time and logistical pains.

On weekends, if time permits, we take buses and trains. I have never heard my kids complain about not having a car. They seem to enjoy all the bus and train rides! If we are constrained by time, we do not hesitate to take a cab. Neither do we let locations get in our way. Sentosa? Sure. East Coast Park? Sure. Changi Airport? Sure too! We use Grab and Uber a lot! Ease of use of apps made getting a ride so much easier.  No waiting by the road and flagging taxis with 3 monkeys swinging around. It also helps that we live in central Singapore. Most of the time, we are able to get a cab/car relatively quickly. Sometimes, quicker than my kids can wear their shoes and head out of the door. A cashless system is also much appreciated. It means I can hop out of the car once I have arrived without having to deal with my wallet and a baby and things. We have only had surge pricing for Grab/ Uber in very few instances.


– Cycling to the park together!

When we head out shopping with 3 (I know, why do I even do it?!), and we have walked a distance (I.e. Walking from Istean Scotts to Ngee Ann City), it has been much easier to hop into a cab at the end of shopping trip than having to walk back to the car with our shopping!

Not to mention, we no longer have to queue and pay for parking! I’m always snickering to myself when I arrive in a cab and see cars queuing into packed carparks. Going to popular malls on Saturdays are no longer daunting.

Moreover, with our current traffic conditions, using public transport is often not much more time consuming. Our weekly ride from Bishan to Tampines is approximately 45 minutes. A car ride would be 30 minutes, but we would have to spend 15 minutes waiting to enter Tampines Mall or Century Square. 😅 Though I have to say, living a short bus ride away from Bishan and Marymount MRT stations keep us connected to most parts of Singapore.


– Getting too comfortable on the bus

I personally feel that boarding the bus is the most difficult part of the entire journey. Through this one year, I have encountered so many kind bus drivers and fellow riders. Countless number of people have so kindly given up their seats when I had a baby with me. I have had bus drivers who waited till I was seated before moving on. I am a proud and grateful Singaporean.
Here are some tips to get that boarding process smoothed out:

  • Get a light, easy to fold and carry stroller

You are required to fold all strollers before boarding any bus. We have a Babyzen Yoyo and a Maclaren Globetrotter. Both are about the same weight and one-handed closure but the Babyzen Yoyo’s compactness has made our bus trips a lot easier.

Babyzen Yoyo

  • Pack efficiently into backpacks

To survive bus trips, it is important not to rely heavily on your stroller’s storage and keep hands free. Look through your items and only bring essentials out. If your stroller’s storage basket is empty, all you have to do is to take your baby out, fold the stroller and board the bus.

  • Bring along foldable shopping bags

Feel free to use the stroller as storage while shopping, but having shopping bags that you can put all the little bags of shopping together into one bag will make boarding a bus more pleasant.

  • Use a baby carrier

If you have an infant, it is often much easier to travel with just a baby carrier and a backpack. However, if it is really necessary to have a stroller, bringing a baby carrier along is helpful while boarding and riding on the bus. When M was younger and I was out with her and a stroller, I would put her into the baby carrier, carry my backpack and fold the stroller. Having my hands free ensured that I could handle the stroller and hold another’s child’s hand.

In masks

– M and I in one of those hazey days. She in the carrier and me with my backpack, heading out.

Do I miss having a car?

Surprisingly, no. I do not miss paying for parking (which can amount to quite a bit!), queuing for parking, finding parking, driving in insane traffic, and dealing with cranky baby screaming in a carseat. Sometimes though, I do miss having the ability to make last minute errand runs. But those are generally avoidable with good planning.

I do think about my Little Black Car during stormy weather and only when it coincides with the time to pick up my kids. However, those instances are few and far between. I have also realized that even with a car, I would be drenched trying to get kids into their car seats anyway. I usually put M into a stroller with a rain cover on to keep her dry. Z will be given a raincoat and I will have an umbrella. M is happy to see the rain beating down on the rain cover and Z is happy dancing in the rain. I love how the kids see joy in all the things they do! Due to good planning from HDB and/or Town Council, we are sheltered all the way to the bus stop! I actually do not need an umbrella on rainy days to and from Bishan MRT.


– walking to school while it’s raining…

I miss the radio in our Little Black Car the most! Driving was the only time I listened to the radio and I miss it. Maybe it’s time to get myself a radio at home!

Written by: Min

Sunflowers Animal FarmStay (Margaret River)

Suffering from post-June holiday withdrawal? Feeling like you need to plan your next sanity break soon?

As many of our friends would know, we recently enjoyed a long awaited Germy-family trip to Perth and Margaret River, Western Australia.

What made our trip extra fabulous was our five-night stay at the Sunflowers Animal Farmstay, Margaret River! We visited the farm with Izzy 6 years ago, and knew we had to head back. Trivia note, we previously bumped into Min & her little E there. Izzy was 2+ years and E 1+ years old then (ahhh the golden ages before they could talk back)…look at the wee monkeys!

E:”Hmm…I am uncertain about this bucket-wielding girl.”

Our urban kids loved their farm experience! There were activities for all ages, spread out through the day on Sunflowers Animal Farm. We found that staying-in as guests minimized the need to make separate trips to the farm for each activity (versus if we had stayed at another place). We simply skipped out of our cottage and dived straight into the fun! The farm’s central location also worked very well as a ‘base camp’ of sorts; we sometimes went back for a farm activity and/or break, before heading out again. This actually allowed us more time in other parts of Margaret River (Time savings are sooo crucial if you have kids like ours; perpetually needing to pee, poo, eat, sleep…then poo again!).

Plus, we realized that for our kids, once wasn’t enough! They kept asking to do some farm activities again and AGAIN! While drop-in visitors at the farm have to pay to join in the activities, stay-in guests on the farm get to participate in ALL the activities for FREE, for as many times as they like during their stay (during the scheduled timings, of course). Our kids sure maxed it out for this one (I am pretty certain that I saw the poor pony shudder by Day 3, when my kids approached for their ride)!

Here’s how we tried to make the most of our Sunflowers Animal Farmstay experience…


It can get wet and a little muddy at the farm during the winter months (June-August). It helped to have the kids wear rainboots, lest they turn their regular shoes into sodden messes! (More on that later: we had quite a blubbery and sodden Izzy mess!) Besides, who can resist how cute the kids look in rainboots?!

Processed with MOLDIV
We found cheap ones in Big W at AU$6 a pair (also available in Target and Kmart). Adults can do without boots, as we usually tread more carefully. We also brought lightweight raincoats for the kids (lightweight umbrellas for the adults) from home, just in case we got caught on a rainy day.


The farm has a cluster of 4 cottages (North/South/East/West) to offer. Most have pretty decent views; however we chose the East cottage as it had our favourite views of the farmland. We also liked that it had the most direct route to the main action at the farm, which made it easy for the older kids to make their own way around while we relaxed.

View from East Cottage front verandah (on the right is the path that leads directly to the main farm building)

Those who prefer a playground-facing cottage might consider the West cottage, while those who want to experience having a real logwood fireplace can check out the West/North cottages. All the cottages have either a heater or fireplace. By the way, Sunflowers Animal Farmstay now offers free unlimited WIFI for guests! Very important for…ahem, the more tech savvy (read: addicted) folks!

Bed linen was rather dated but neat and clean, and the cottage had facilities for us to cook our own meals with fresh food bought from the nearby (5-min drive) town centre supermarket. Very useful for families on a budget, as it can get very expensive eating out all the time! I also found that the supermarket had a much better selection of asian vegetables and condiments this time, which made Mr. Germy (asian food fanatic) very happy indeed! And for those night owls who simply cannot tuck into bed early on those Aussie winter nights, the farm also allows you to borrow from their collection of Blu-Ray Discs/DVDs to watch the evening away.

Night view from East Cottage. Don’t forget to peek out for some star gazing!

We had consistently warm showers for our family of five, which can be a problem in some rustic farm accommodations! It can get really cold (6-9 deg. celsius) during the winter nights at Margaret River, so having warm water to shower is super important! There’s even a laundry shed with drying racks, if you have stuff that’s begging to be washed. Just bring some laundry powder, just in case!


Knowing the timings of your favourite farm activities and planning your days ahead of time can help to maximise your farmstay experience, without neglecting the Margaret River region. Here’s our insider account on what went on at the farm!

  • Tractor Rides Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4pm. 

This is an experience you do not want to miss! If you begin your farmstay on any of these days, be sure to arrive and check in by 3.30pm. This gives you enough time for an introductory view of your cottage, and to hustle the family to have their toilet stops (with 5 family members, toilet time allocation becomes serious business!) and what-not before the ride. The friendly farm owners will take you out on a tractor ride on the land beyond the farmhouse, where you’ll get breathtaking views and see wild kangaroos along the way. We arrived on a Tuesday (a little late at 3.50pm) and went straight for this!

Processed with MOLDIV
The tractor ride stopped at the bottom of a hill, where everyone got to race toy boats down a shallow creek!

Okay, here’s where it got exciting. Izzy was so eager to win the race that she fell into the creek! Needless to say, the missy was VERY hissy and pissy. Talk about a blubbering and sodden mess! AND, in our rush to join this ride, we had forgotten to get the kids to wear their rainboots! Ack. Moral of the story- Arrive by 3.30pm and REMEMBER to chuck the kids into their rainboots!

Nonetheless, we all had heaps of fun and Izzy’s dignity later recovered enough to enjoy roasting marshmallows over an open fire (also warmed her soggy toes somewhat).

All this took about 45 minutes, blubbery drama and all.

And because we arrived on a Tuesday, we got to do it again (not the soggy part) on Thursday!

  • Pony Rides for Kids 2-6 years old  at 8.30am

These rides with gentle Shetland pony “Basil” happened every morning.

Our two boys (Zac, 6yrs & Boo, 4yrs) loved it! I was a little worried for poor Basil when it came to my (rather hefty) Zac’s turn; however he (the pony) seemed okay, albeit moving slower than usual! Big sis Izzy was kept busy petting the newborn lambs nearby, so no complaints there!

“Eat more so that you have energy to give me a ride later, okay?” (East Cottage is visible in left background)
  • Baby Animal Milk Feeds at 10am & 4pm

The beauty of staying on a farm is that it’s very dynamic and newborn animals can arrive any day! We happened to stay during a week where there were 3 newborn lambs and some chicks barely a day old.

Processed with MOLDIV
The kids can help with milk feeds for the babies (lambs, kids, and calves) twice a day if they wish. Mine couldn’t seem to get enough of that!

“Stop! Baby feeding in progress!”
  • Egg Collecting at 3pm

Our kids enjoyed collecting eggs from the farm’s chicken coop (and stomping around in chicken poop…Thank God for those rainboots). Not only that, we got to keep half a dozen eggs! Yum, nothing beats having farm fresh eggs for brekkie.

We just needed to let the staff know of our intention that morning…went out for our day of fun, and headed back at 3pm to have our egg-citing time! Couldn’t persuade any of my kids to hug a chicken though. Too bad.

  • Feeding and petting the 300+ animals on the farm 

This took up most of our first morning at the farm as they have quite an extensive collection! Guests get free buckets of animal food to feed the animals, as they amble their way through the farm. Our kids loved feeding all the animals; but their favorites would be feeding and petting the free roaming baby kangaroos (joeys), cuddling the rabbits and guinea pigs in their spacious enclosure, as well as the quirky looking white alpaca!

  • Have “Chilli” Greet You in the Mornings

Okay, this doesn’t exactly count as a “farm activity” but it sure is one of my favorites! They have several border collies on the farm, and the matriarch doggy would be “Chilli”. She would go around to each of the 4 cottages every morning, to greet guests and remind them to enjoy the fresh country air (And sneak a snack or two). The kids were begging to let her into our cottage every morning!

Processed with MOLDIV
Just one look from you would have the dogs lying on the ground, begging for belly rubs. How to resist that?!

Such a relaxing, yet fruitful time. I would definitely recommend it for families with kids aged 2-10 years old. Our kids are STILL talking about their farmstay experience and ask me when we can revisit!

We surprisingly did not get sick of the place, even after 5 nights; and also managed to cover a fair bit of sightseeing in the Margaret River region! We caught a Whale Watching Tour (lots of Dory whale talk went on), visited the Mammoth Cave (henceforth re-christened as “Boo’s dinosaur cave”; it’s the only cave there with a visible dinosaur fossil by the way), Yallingup Sheep Shearing Shed (fantastic fun, this one!), Augusta Lighthouse (where 2 oceans meet!), Yallingup Maze (another place for the kids to get happily lost in, woohoo); as well as revisited many old favorites like the Busselton Jetty, Prevelly Beach (where Margaret River empties out into the ocean), Canal Rocks, the Chocolate Factory and Venison Farm!

But you know what? Ask my kids what was the favorite part of their holiday, and they would reply in unison, “SUNFLOWERS ANIMAL FARMSTAY!!!

Izzy did say wistfully though, “If only there was a chance to milk a cow…”

– by Germy

Getting The Most Out Of Kidzania Singapore


Kidzania Singapore opened their doors recently with much anticipation. The fun our whole family had in Kidzania Tokyo was sufficient to help us make the decision to try the Singapore version out during the June holidays.

We were quite anxious about the impending crowd before the day, as tickets were sold out days in advance. Full house? How long do we have to wait per activity? These are some thoughts that kept us on our toes. By “us”, I meant us parents. The kids were just filled with excitement.

On our day of visit, Kidzania was opened at 10am and closed at 7pm. That’s an impressive 9 hours worth of potential activities. Do not be fooled by this number. Firstly, there was a queue to register and obtaining the necessary wrist bands, bank cards and kidZos (Kidzania currency) before heading in. We arrived slightly later than 10am and spent a good 20-30min queuing. Secondly, after we headed in, we were slightly disoriented, and spent another 30min taking the kids around, figuring out what they wanted to try and where those were. Thirdly, there were activities that started closing from 5.30pm and therefore meant that there were fewer activities available in the last 1.5hours.

To help your child(ren) maximize the number activities that they can do within the day, you have to enter with a strategy. Without one, your kid(s) may spend the entire day completing only 3-4 activities. Considering that some activities had a wait time of 1.5-2hours throughout the day, that outcome may be highly possible.

Considering that we only got our act together at about 11.30am, and left at 6pm, it was a feat for E to complete 7 activities and Z completed 6.

If you’re planning to head into Kidzania on a high crowd day, here are some of my tips to help you and your child(ren) conquer Kidzania:


Before the day arrives, it will pay to have the map of Kidzania and have a rough idea on where the different stations are. It will make a nice bonding activity to sit down with your child(ren) with the map and help them understand what is Kidzania all about, what they would be doing there and which careers they would like to try. They will need help to understand that they may not be able to try everything, especially those in the “hot careers” list. Having tantruming kids is no fun. You can obtain the map directly from the Kidzania Singapore website. I’ve included them here for your convenience.🙂


Hot Careers/ Stations List (in no particular order):

  1. Firefighter
  2. Bank Vault
  3. Police
  4. CSI
  5. Pilot
  6. Paddle Pop
  7. Pizza Hut
  8. KFC
  9. Hospital

These are activities required an hour or more of wait.

*Do note that the Pilot is the only career that had a different system of queuing. Kidzania gives out the Pilot vacancies at selected timings: 1030am, 1230pm, 230pm and 430pm. They give out 4 sessions worth of vacancies at these selected timing. For example, E n Z obtained their 1.30pm session ticket at 12.30pm. Staff would stop the queue once they have hit the maximum number of children for the 4 sessions. Staff advised kids to start queuing an hour ahead of a selected timing. We arrived at the Pilot queue at 11.40am and were 5th and 6th in line.

I personally recommend queuing for the 1230pm time slot. Kids could be fed their lunch while in queue and would be raring to go after obtaining the session ticket.

Super Z getting a career change


Early bird gets the worm. The earlier you get into the queue for registration, the earlier  you can enter. This means that your child(ren) gets first pick. If you happen to be one of the first few in, remember to head to one on the “Hot Careers/ Stations List”. You may never see a shorter line for the entire day.


If you were not early enough, do not worry. Head for the mid-range activities! They should not have queues at the start as kids would have headed to the popular stations. These are stations that would have an average wait time of 40-60mins later. Complete one mid-range activity and head to less popular one after. What are some mid-range activities? Here are some suggestions:

  • Yakult
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Actor
  • 7-11
  • Lim Chee Guan
  • Lifebuoy
  • Spritzer

E and Z in the Spritzer activity


There are a few stations in Kidzania that operate only at fixed times. E.g. Performers for the Clock Tower are only recruited 15min before each hour (i.e. 1.45pm). If your child is free around those timings, they can take on those activities with barely any wait time.

E performing on the Clock Tower


As my kids were queuing in their lines, I was their scout. Queues move and wait times vary (dramatically at times!) throughout the day. Catching a short queue at the right time makes a world of difference. As I was scouting, the Canon and Courier activities had no queue for a period of time! Helping your child to identify the next activity to head for will save them much loitering time through the day.

Last but not least, RELAX AND ENJOY the day. Enjoy the children. I loved how the parents were looking through each glass panel with pride and joy. I loved how each child was paying attention to the instructors with much anticipation and was beaming with pride after completing each  activity. I loved how my kids exited the place and felt like they have grown.

A day is not enough. We will and I am sure, you will too, be back.

Written by: Min




Mummies Unite!

Shopaholicmin is back! And back with a vengeance, having 2 other super mummies alongside! There are so many more places, events and products we can review and recommend with 3 families! We are all super excited and hyped up to share our experiences and thoughts to you.

As a starter, Min has penned down a list of strategies on conquering and maximising a day out in Kidzania Singapore! Watch out this space in the coming week for tips on maximising the number of activities available in Kidzania. Don’t waste the day in Kidzania waiting in queues!

Please say HELLO to Jo…and Germy!



Most Awesome Diaper Cream

With No. 3 appearing into our lives in August last year, I’m back to stocking up on diapers and what not.

I had to use Desitin Original (Purple tube) for the boys as they have sensitive skin and were really prone to diaper rash. The 40% zinc oxide in Desitin Original was the only cream that could keep those nasty rash at bay.

For M, I was hoping for a more natural alternative. I thought I would start with the free tube of Thomson Care Baby Bottom Balm given to us upon discharge from Thomson Medical.


Sad to say, it did not work. At least not for M. I reckon she needed something with zinc oxide.

I almost bought a tube of Desitin Original until I discovered Baby Bees Diaper Ointment, by Burt’s Bees. It had fantastic reviews and also 40% zinc oxide. Reviews often mentioned that it smelt fabulous. Something that’s more natural and smells wonderful during a diaper change is a welcomed idea! But does it do the job that it’s meant to do??


Turns out, it’s FANTA-BULOUS!

It worked so well on her bum. Rash disappeared after only a day of applying this and it does smell wonderful. So wonderful, that when others are carrying her, they often comment that she smells so good.

Here’s the list of ingredients in this cream:


It’s really the most awesome diaper cream ever. And I’ve used quite a few after 3 kids. 

Ultra Soft & Comfy Muslin Blanket

It has been a while since my last blog. We welcomed little M into our family during this time. Thank you to all our readers and customers who have continued supporting us during this absence.

It’s finally time to blog about the next product! We have been using it for a while now and can’t be happier with it.

Z (my 4 year old) is sleeping on the lower bunk of a double decker bed and it can get slightly warm there. We gave him a quilt previously but it was too warm for him in a 25 degrees AC (air-conditioned) room. He was perspiring every night in bed. Quilt was also annoyingly difficult to wash and dry whenever he wet his bed. There were times where we had to make a run to the laundromat just to get it dried in time.

I started looking for an alternative. I wanted something warm enough to be used in an AC room but cooler than a traditional quilt. One that is easy to wash and dry would be a bonus for a preschooler who is off diapers. Of course, something easy on our pocket would be awesome.

I think I found the perfect blanket.

It’s made from muslin, and therefore oh-so-soft. It gets softer with every wash! Plus, it’s easy to wash (just chuck into the washing machine) and material is quick to dry. It is also big enough for my growing preschooler, measuring 100x150cm.

Here’s a couple more close-ups of the blanket:


Afraid that muslin is too thin for an AC environment? Fret not! This is a 6 layers muslin blanket. Warm enough for Z but cooler than a traditional quilt. Z is no longer perspiring in his bed.😀 It’s so soft and comfy that I want one for myself.

Here’s Z with his favourite blanket:


Maybe you are worried that your little one would not be warm enough as he/she isn’t sleeping on a lower bunk? There’s also a 10 layers muslin option.

Not sleeping in an AC room? There’s also a 4 layers option that would be thin enough for our Singapore nights.

These beautiful blankets are available on Taobao. You can get them shipped to you through an agent or a freight forwarder.🙂

Best Ever Itch Relief

Are mosquitoes attracted to you? I don’t know why but mosquitoes are constantly attracted to me. I’m always one of the first to get bitten. Sometimes, the only one. The itch can be so unbearable. And feel so helpless when the kids get bitten and can’t stop scratching even after breaking their skin. Sometimes, we get bitten even after applying insect repellent.

A friend recommended a natural homeopathic gel to me recently from, raving about its effectiveness. No harm trying, I told myself. Turned out to be the best anti-itch gel that I have ever tried! It absorbs quickly into the skin, providing such quick temporary relief! The icing on the cake is that it smells great and is non-greasy too. I wish I had found this sooner. I tend to carry it everywhere I go nowadays. I never know when I would meet a mosquito.

My boys definitely ask for it when they are itching from a bite. It’s safe for them as it contains no hydrocortisone, antihistamine, DEET or synthetic medications.

Try it!

Sting Stop

Supplement Facts
Active Ingredient Purpose
Echinacea angustifolia 1X HPUS* 10% Inflammation
Ledum palustre 1X HPUS* 10% Pain and itch
Urtica dioica 1X HPUS* 10% Pain and itch
*This ingredient is included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS).
Inactive ingredients: Carbomer, citronella oil, ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus oil, jojoba oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, witch hazel.

It’s US$9.35 on iherb. May sound a little pricey, but it’s  a HUGE tube. It can be used for a  super long time, as a very small amount is used for each application.

Here’s the product link:

If you are new to, good news for you! Every new customer is entitled to a US$10 credit for purchases above US$40 and US$5 credit for purchases below that. Just key in the code: LOK722 at checkout. International shipping to Singapore via Singpost is safe and affordable too.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs

If you love the Aden + Anais Swaddles, you would love their Burpy Bibs too.  They are made from their signature oh-so-soft muslin cloths and with their oh-so-cute designs.

Burpy Bib 5

Each Burpy Bib has an unique design  to fit ergonomically around a baby’s neck while having a milk feed or on an adult’s shoulders while burping a baby after feed. It is made from 4 layers of an muslin sewn together, making the bib super absorbent. Awesome for soaking up those infant spit-ups or spilt milk during feeds. It is still sooooo soft and would be so gentle on those sensitive newborn skin.

Best thing about the bib is that it will grow with your baby through his/her first year.

It would still be ultra useful to catch the neverending amount of drool during the teething phase. It would also provide great cover during the weaning to solids stage, where things can get incredible messy. Aden + Anais had put great thought into lengthening the usefulness of the bib by including a snap button on the bib, so bib stays in place around the neck as your baby gets bigger and more active. Messy bibs can be washed easily, as the muslin’s weave is so wide apart and all the dirt would just be washed out, with minimal staining. These bibs make an awesome gift for any baby too!

Here’s a picture of Z (3.5 year old) wearing the bib to show you how amazing the cover the bib actually gives:

Burpy Bib 4

By the way, snap button still fits comfortably around this little man’s neck.

Here are some closeups of the bibs:

Burpy Bib 1Burpy Bib 3

Burpy Bib 2


These awesome bibs are a little pricey in retail stores. I checked out the product in retail stores and they were retailing for S$25 for an individual bib and S$36 for a double pack. Our little tip: you can definitely get them cheaper on Taobao.😉 Shhhhhhhhhh…….

Best Baby Swaddles Ever from Aden + Anais!

Are you having a new baby soon?

Then one baby item you need in your nursery is a swaddle.

If you are a new parent and am not sure what is a swaddle used for, here’s an extract out of wikipedia: “Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar cloth so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted.” Most people believe that swaddling helps newborns go to sleep more easily and stay asleep. For myself, I did swaddle both my boys when they were newborns till they were about a month old. I know others who have swaddled for a longer period of time. Some would attest that it did not work, while some would swear by it. After having 2 kids and going through the initial sleep deprivation, I would do whatever I can to get even 5 more minutes of sleep. Observations from my 2 kids are that swaddling does reduce shocks to the babies, especially when they are sleeping, keeping them secure and less likely to be woken up.

So, which swaddle cloths to get?

A lot of people have used the traditional white nappy cloths. However, I find it a little too small, especially if you are having a bigger newborn. I went for the new parent course in Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) previously, and they recommended a large white cloth for swaddling. Size was good, but I felt it was slightly warm in our Singapore weather, especially if air-conditioning is not turned on. Among the types available in the retail stores, I felt that most are too warm.

BUT… there is one PERFECT swaddle available! It is the Aden+Anais Swaddle. It is so BIG (approx. 120cmx120cm), making swaddling so much easier. Always sufficient cloth to tuck under to keep swaddle secure. And it is made from muslin. The fabric’s light, open weave allows baby’s temperature to regulate naturally, thus preventing overheating! Definitely cool enough for Singapore! They are soooooo soft to touch. I would like to have a blanket in their material for myself. Plus plus plus, they come in such pretty and cute prints!!! If you are not sure how to swaddle, here’s a picture to help:

Swaddling Method

Oh! And they can double up as a stroller cover, a blanket for air-conditioned shopping centres or even as a security blanket. Definitely useful beyond the swaddling period. However, they are quite pricey for a piece of swaddle. They are retailing at about S$80 for 4 Classic Swaddles or about S$70 for 3 Bamboo Swaddles. 

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